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that slightly awkward silence while you build a new website and so stop posting new work on your current one, and then find you’re very busy actually doing work and never quite finish the new website. that.

fine art degree show 2014

fine art 2014 03 400px

we were delighted to again be invited to design the brochure for the end of year show for the fine art degree at yorkshire coast college / university of hull.

working with the graduates and listening to their needs & ideas we arrived at a series of 12 cards -one representing each exhibitor- that could be bound as a set but would individually have a useful life beyond the exhibition as promotional cards for each artist.

fine art 2014 01 400px

fine art 2014 02 400px

the exhibition runs until 13 june so if you want to take a look, get your skates on!
photographs of artwork by the artists, printing by mcray press.

a sixty-watt las vegas

sixty watt 02 400px

we were approached by valley press to design the cover of this collection of poems by local poet mike di placido with the brief to ‘do something different to our usual’ – valley press founder, jamie mcgarry, usually designs the covers (and a lovely job he does too) and this was the first time the publishers had used a design agency.

the title refers to scarborough seafront and mike was keen to have a visual reference on the cover. we offered several ideas and the final design was arrived at through discussion and a little on-screen tweaking in our studio with mike and jamie. the rich black background is a continuation of the rear cover photograph and the metallic effect on the typographic title is actually an enlargement of part of the photo of the coloured amusement lights of the title reflected in the tide. the book launch concluded with mike reading his poem from which the title is taken at the same spot from where we had taken the photograph.

sixty watt 01 400px

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