the tiny gallery with a big heart

our coffee-drinking space is also a gallery. a very small one.

when we moved into our studio which looks out over scarborough’s south bay and down the coast we wanted to contribute something to the cultural life of the town, not least because museum terrace also links the rotunda museum to st. nicholas cliff, site of the iconic grand hotel and so gets a fair bit of visitor foot traffic. so we decided we would invite local creatives to use our space to mount individual exhibitions.

reflection in gallery window

at first we thought the idea might be a bit gimmicky give that the space was so small, but we soon learned that emerging artists, photographers, illustrators and others welcomed having somewhere they could use however they want. so every few months a someone new exhibits in ‘the tiny gallery with a big heart’. we have a private view and everything, just like a real gallery. it can be a bit of a squash, but it’s fun.

if you’d like to know more we have a a website dedicated to gallery with an online shop: and if you like to be added to our mailing/invite list then just get in touch. we’re open whenever we’re in the studio and exhibiting artists are also free to open whenever they like. and if you still can’t find us open, just give us a ring and we’ll meet you down there.

the current exhibition is ‘a postcard to’ responding to scarborough and hackney’s twinning for the olympics. also hanging in the trees opposite the gallery are three sculptures by bob tuffin entitled ‘everyone’s an acrobat’.

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