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last updated 10.00am 13-12-2013

lines of conflict

scarborough museums trust came to us with a challenge – a forthcoming exhibition of sculpture on the theme of conflict but no images ready in time to use on the advance posters and exhibition guides – did we have any ideas? “hmm,” we replied, “what if we create the title of the exhibition with sculptural type that reflects the theme…”

a few days later i’m with the always unfazed don french showing a design and explaining i want it to look as if it’s a rusted shard of a shell casing. don has already invited in a sheet metal worker for the conversation who believes he has the perfect material – an old water tank. “we can cut it back to front so all the molten metal drips through. it’ll look really rough and messy.” “brilliant!” i reply.

a week later photographer tony bartholomew and i are teetering on a cliff edge with a hunk of metal and wood trying to get exactly the right sort of clouds behind our type sculpture before we’re blown out to sea, but we’re struggling to get the right angle. tony peers over the edge. we decide that the ledge of crumbling cliff below will support the weight of a photographer long enough to get the shot…

lines of conflict opens this evening at scarborough art gallery.

the great typographic scavenger hunt

this weekend (25/26 august) i am ‘artist in residence‘ at the sea swim beach huts in scarborough’s south bay.

i’ll be encouraging whoever passes by to collect stuff off the beach to spell out a word they associate with swimming/splashing/paddling in the sea. i’m hoping that by the end of the weekend we have enough words to form a scratch poem entirely made from scavenged shells, pebbles, seaweed and whatever else the tide has brought it.

the rockpools and beach beyond the starmap are best for this. hightide is at lunchtime so the afternoon looks to be the best time to pop along and join in. it’d be great if you can make it. i’m officially in action from 10-4 so when the tide is in i’ll be around the area photographing previously collected stuff.

i’m also hoping to collect enough shells to form a complete alphabet which will be the start of a project i’m calling ‘shellvetica’ (see what i did there?). perhaps you can help with that too? stuff that’s created over the weekend will be posted on or linked from this blog so check back next week.

[image: 'scavenge' created from photos taken at scarborough south bay yesterday]

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