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porcelain by post

invitation to the opening of ‘resolutions’ by gabrielle naptali which is showing in our tiny gallery until 24th november.

we liked the idea of posting a little piece of potential artwork out as part of the invitation and so these invites were handmade by gaby and ourselves – the card folds to seal in and protect the fragment although we did hear that one piece had escaped in transit. it is probably now crossing britain in the corner of post bag. the porcelain is layered black and white – the same material that the two main pieces in the exhibition are made from and their random broken shape (each is unique) reflects the element of chance that is part of gaby’s current work in ceramics.


iSaint came about as a response to a call from designed and made for their items that could be given or lent to people as part of 100% design (aka london design festival) which is happening this week. the idea of the project, called ‘love me live with me’, is that people live with an item for a couple of weeks, then respond with how/if it made an impact on their lives in some way.

iSaint is a secular icon – you write your name on the front and hang or place it by the door to be reminded every time you leave the house of your potential to play a positive role in the world.

you can follow progress of our iSaints (there’s a thousand of them out there somewhere) and look at the other items that are part of the project at

crazy, the legacy

crazy legacy documents

following on from the ‘crazy, damn right i’m crazy’ exhibition, we were asked to design a legacy document that documented the process which resulted in the exhibition. the intention is to provide a resource for others planning a similar process or exhibition.

our design is a pack of booklets, collated in a black envelope with orange print matching the exhibition’s publicity material. the envelope also contains the poster and promo booklet and a ‘found object’ – namely one of the t-short comments visitors left at the exhibition.

we were also invited to write about our approach to designing for the exhibition. you can read that excerpt here.

crazy legacy document

crazy legacy document

crazy legacy document

crazy legacy document

crazy legacy document

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