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things they didn’t teach you in college

[inspired by this tweet, conversations in the studio and lots of work placements]

— you’ll need to defend (and explain) your creative thinking. to your clients and your colleagues. everything has to have a reason, make sure you know yours.

— good design has nothing to do with fashion.

— typography isn’t about choosing a typeface. it’s about understanding how words work, how people read, how to present information. accept that you probably know very little about it. understand that you need to know a lot about it. rectify the situation.
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desert island discs – james

unlike adrian, i don’t own physical copies of most of these songs, or a working tape recorder, so i’ve gone all modern and made a spotify playlist. mine are in a kind of peak and trough order, opening hardcore, a moments relaxation, then back rocking again and so on: desert island discs

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desert island discs – adrian

with radio 4 about to announce the entire nation’s desert island discs, and just because we love radio 4 at electric angel HQ, we thought we’d indulge ourselves.

the problem with the eight record limit is not really selecting the records, but on what criteria to make the selection. james and i have discussed this on more than one occasion when we really should have been doing some kerning (apologies to whoever’s poster wasn’t quite as typographically sensitive as it might have been that day).
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