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look at me, look at me

although designers like to imagine that their work exists in a world of perfect white walls perhaps with the occasional bulldog clip, in reality our work is out there in the world competing for attention with everything else. respect isn’t guaranteed… i’ve seen our work hung upside down, part-covered with other posters, used to mix cement on and once as part of a firing range. everyone’s a critic. but it’s still a thrill when your own work unexpectedly catches your eye.

it’s not a great photo but i snapped this wall of posters featuring two of our designs (or 5 if you count the 4 bubblecar variations) at the ferens gallery in hull. as well as being quietly pleased that the posters we designed were holding their own against the competition, mostly i just loved the colourful chaos of imagery.

world record

we’ve been a bit lax in blogging just general stuff about scarborough, life and universe lately. there’s more to life than work, so here’s one…

i took the morning off to break a world record with my son. and a few hundred other adults and kids. the attempt to break the world record for number of sandcastles built in an hour took place on the south bay beach a stone’s throw from our studio. the strict judging criteria insisted on each sandcastle measuring 2ft across and 2ft high with a perfectly-formed turreted castle from a bucket on top.

judging was strict – 50 sandcastles were disqualified for being sub-standard. but we still smashed the existing record by over 100 to create 683. the certificate was presented by the guinness world records adjudicator to the organisers, yorkshire water, on the beach. the record attempt has helped inform people the current water improvement works that will make the yorkshire coast ‘a coast to boast about’.

genius loci

our new exhibition in the tiny gallery space is work by students from the yorkshire coast schools creative & media diploma – they’re in the first year of the diploma also studying GCSE’s, so 14 years old. there’s some astonishing work on display – a fabulous dubstep music video that takes ‘scarborough fair’ as its starting point, some witty model-making and this piece by lucy fletcher which particularly caught our imagination. photographing family photos in the place they were originally taken so they become part of the landscape, it’s a great idea, beautifully realised – we’re excited to have lucy on work experience with us this week.

more pics of the exhibition can be found on the tiny gallery website. it runs until 24th of february, do call in for a look.

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