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york press business awards

we’re delighted to have been selected as finalists in the york press business awards 2010 in the ‘best employer and education link’ category.

the other two finalists are harrogate & district nhs foundation trust and firmenich uk ltd of thirsk. we’re in fairly hefty company alongside a business with 53 employees and an organisation with 2300, but if nothing else i hope our nomination shows that small businesses can engage with education too and that it’s essential for the creative industries (where just about everyone is a small business) that they do.

you can read the york press article on us here. the award ceremony when the winner will be announced is on november 18th at york racecourse.

coastal connections

flyer for a north yorkshire creative industries network event hosted by create. the event takes place in scarborough on 12 march in scarborough and looks like the sort of day creative practitioners won’t want to miss [despite the fact that i've been invited to lead one of the workshops...]

coastal connections

the event is aimed at artists and designers and will explore some of the themes that cross over between the two disciplines, particularly as ‘crossing over’ is something that both keynote speakers have done. trudi entwistle is a site-specific artist with comissions across the globe who began her career as a landscape designer, andii edwards is a graphic designer who still gets chance to pursue the sort of work he first started to do on a fine art degree.

coastal connections

it’ll be great to catch up with trudi as we know each other from leeds metropolitan university days [me designing, her teaching] and worked together on a book prototype that combined photos and thoughts on her work with typography. local residents might remember trudi from when she transformed the road outside the royal hotel into a grassed area with emerging triangular turfed boxes.

coastal connections

the flyer arrives folded to about the size of a CD case and opens up, first to reveal the introduction and programme and then to A3 to reveal the rest of the information. printed on 100% recycled paper which is what we’re recommending to all our clients these days – the quality is great. credit to scarborough-based printers adverset for a nice job on this. copywriting by us. designers and artist in north yorks should find this dropping on their doormats in the next few days, or you can download a pdf version at: – go to the ‘useful documents’ section. oh yeah – my workshop is titled ‘do designers have a soul?’ and will develop some of the ethics stuff i’ve been exploring with students recently.

coastal connections

ethics brief

the ethical design brief from this morning’s lecture can be found by following this link: ycc_ethics_brief.pdf

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