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things they didn’t teach you in college

[inspired by this tweet, conversations in the studio and lots of work placements]

— you’ll need to defend (and explain) your creative thinking. to your clients and your colleagues. everything has to have a reason, make sure you know yours.

— good design has nothing to do with fashion.

— typography isn’t about choosing a typeface. it’s about understanding how words work, how people read, how to present information. accept that you probably know very little about it. understand that you need to know a lot about it. rectify the situation.
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creative coast : creative post

a new series of creative coast events start tomorrow night (thursday10th). responding to calls for a return to the pub, we’re gone really casual and developed a new format whereby we’ll meet in public bars rather than booked rooms and people can use the night however they like.

if you’re wanting to engage with the theme (this month it’s opportunity to suggest practical ideas on what kind of support for creatives local government and organisations could offer) then there’ll be postcards on tables for you to fill in and pass around. if you just want the networking or a good old chinwag, then that’s cool too. we won’t be having speakers or announcements but feel free to bring along flyers to distribute.

meet in the lower bar of the merchant, eastborough, scarborough from 8pm onwards.

pink. mmmm.

i like pink. so i was delighted when creative north yorkshire asked us to work on their visual identity and to stick with the pink. these cards come in three colourways and are the first fruits of that work.

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