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spring benches

that’s ‘spring’ as in springs of water, but it’s the right time of year to venture into the hidden beauty of the yorkshire wolds and perhaps discover a poem or two whilst you’re at it.

part of the ‘wander’ project, six benches designed and built by angus ross and featuring a poem sequence by john w clarke were installed last year at spots along the wolds way. we were delighted to be invited to design the typographic setting of the poems.

this seemed to be a project that required a simple approach in harmony with the bench designs, the spirit of the poetry and the landscape setting. our solution was sturdy flowing lines of sans-serif text with hedera’s picked out in red marking the line breaks – this enabled us to make use of the length of the bench slats and have the text large enough to catch the eye of passers-by.

the benches are constructed from steam-bent english oak and designed to weather into the landscape. james and i wandered in search of some of them last autumn hoping to capture the process of the oak silvering and the etched text softening into the material, these photos by james are from that stroll.

there’s a little more about the project here in the Yorkshire Post including a nice pic of one of the benches featuring etched back rest slats with John waiting for the muse to appear.

swimsuit shoot

the launch of the coastival poster/brochure on the south bay beach. there had been notice it would be a swimsuit model for this photo opportunity, and rumours abounded of who might be brave enough to pose as our poster buxom beauty (who has been christened ‘gladys’ by the coastival team). but not many people had counted on a male model… a very game andrew clay, director of woodend creative workspace. pick up a brochure to see his comic counterpart.

above: evening news photographer andrew higgins (see his daily photo journal here) sorting various musicians, artists, dj’s and more.

above: andrew clay in character with coastival director, wendy clews. joining in on the snapping is tony bartholomew who is also photoblogging as coastival365. contact tony if you’d like photos of the launch or just of andrew in a bathing suit. we won’t ask why.

opening soon


photo from the press call at ‘the shop of priceless things’ in rotherham on friday. poet john w clarke admiring some of the stock collected from the people of rotherham, me dressed as a tugboat captain for no reason other than it’s the warmest jumper i have. james behind the lens.

as you can see, this was taken part-way through the window graphics being applied – which was proving to be a struggle at only 5°. there are some tweaks being applied this week and we’ll have pics of the whole shop – all nine windows – early next week.

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